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Project Post: Livestrong @ NTH@C

Class: Biotech Ethics
Project: Livestrong @ NTH@C
Facilitator: Wes Vanicek
Synopsis:NTH@C teamed up with to create a science based curriculum kits for different types of cancer. Livestrong has school resources but they were not greated toward ths actual science of the cancer. We sent our information to livestrong. The learners created a webpage, model to help teach the concept & interactive game.!science-behind-cancer

Project Profile: To See or Not To See

Class: English
Project: To See or Not To See
Facilitator: Kolby Kerr
Synopsis: Learners were charged with creating a marketing campaign using social media for Shakespeare of Dallas. The learners attended Hamlet produced by the Shakespeare of Dallas group and created four components for their media campaign. They had to review/ critique the play, create market campaign in social media (facebook, tumblr, twitter), show relevance of Shakespeare in 2011, and create an artist piece through language.

Project Profile: Punkin’ Chunkin’

Class: Physics
Project: Pumpkin’ Chunkin’
Facilitator: Lars Londot
Synopsis: Learners create a full size catapult  or trebuchet in the learning of projectile motion and velocity. It has become a legacy project and a service learning project. The school hosts a fall festival in which proceeds go to the community service partner for the year.